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IDU-ODU links

ALCOMA split link combines microwave outdoor unit with active modular indoor unit. ODU is either integrated with antenna or connected to antenna via flexible waveguide when needed. Link can be managed and configured either by integrated web management system or by ASD Clinet software.

Alcoma offers split radio relay links since its beginning in 1993. The first links had 1E1 interface, today IDU combines Ethernet, E1/T1 and STM-1/OC-3 interfaces. The links are sold for all common frequency bands between 4 and 38 GHz.

Link can be built as 1+0, 1+1 FD/SD, 2+0 and 4+0. High power ODUs for 4-5 GHz work with 30 dBm output power for all modulation schemes and enable to build distance of tens of kilometers with full capacity even in zones with high rain density.